Self Break Through

The most important phase of life which when attained, can turnaround everything in your life. 

Self Break Through

The most important phase of life which when attained, can turnaround everything in your life. 


What Is A Self Break Through

It’s important to know what is Self Break Through before you want to or plan to achieve it. When you search the term “Break Through”, you will find lots of definitions for “ Break Through”. I am picking up my three favorite definitions here:
From Macmillan Dictionary – to successfully deal with something that is stopping you making progress.
From Cambridge Dictionary – an important discovery or event that helps to improve a situation or provide an answer to a problem.
And, my Favourite One From Google: a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development.
Hence, combining these three and adding the word “Self” a brief description of Self Break Through can be: a sudden discovery or event which can help overcome the factors that are stopping you from achieving what you want and move towards an achievement.

When You Need A Self Break Through

Life is full of events and this is one of the most dynamic things one can have. Some of the situations where you might need a self breakthrough can be:

  • You have planned something, visualized something and what you are currently experiencing has no link with it.
  • You may have some dream and you realized the way you are moving is simply setting it apart.
  • You are waiting for the right time to come to start moving to achieve what you want.
  • You are still in search of the Ideal Experiences in Life.
  • You feel you are stuck somewhere.
  • Something is haunting you i.e.  you frequently think “This is not what i wanted” ; “I don’t know why this is happening to me” and so on.
  • You have gone deeper in a situation and unable to find a way out.
  • You are now ready to say No to everything which is making you feel Low and start Fresh again.

Whatever it is, when you think you need to stop few things and makeover your life, its time for a Self Breakthrough.

What are the Areas on which you can achieve A Self Break Through

Life has many phases and we play different roles and responsibilities. Self Break Through is related to you and hence it can cover all areas of your life you know like:

  • You as a person
  • Your Relationships
  • Your Financial Areas
  • Your Health Areas
  • Your Professional Areas
  • Your Spiritual Areas
  • and so on…

You can simply chose any one or more or all areas of your life where you need a makeover.

Who Operates this Self Break Through

There is only one person who can make and break your life. Rest all are situation and incidents. Self Breakthrough can happen anytime and you have all the resources available to make that happen. You just need to be Resourceful to avail those resources. As a self Breakthrough Strategist, I can work with you and increase the resourcefulness.

When can you start your journey towards Self Breakthrough?

Believe me, the journey towards your self-breakthrough will be very inspiring and motivating. And of course, when you will look back after the same, you will find it something to be proud of. But, the main challenge most of the people face is to start the journey with self-breakthrough. Most of the self-breakthrough requires a so-called U-turn or a complete makeover of some or whole areas of life. And in most of the cases, people decide not to do it or do it later. This decision of not doing or doing it later is the result of a pattern of thought, which we name as FEAR. The best part about a breakthrough is that Breakthrough happens in a moment but the challenge lies in the journey to that moment. You start the journey when you stop accepting something you are not liking and decide “ No More Bullshits. I need to get out of it.” Stop Accepting and Deciding –  this gives you enough power and energy within to stop everything and plan your journey to Breakthrough and start it.

The Balanced Journey Assessment

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