Some of my readers are confused about how to set goals and keen to know what goal setting principles are. Self-observation, behavioral regulation, emotional control, informed decision, strategy making and effective visualization are some of the goal setting principles. I have worked on important goal setting principles below. Hope, you will benefit from them.

Set specific goals

Be particular about your choice when it is a goal, related to career and business. Set a specific goal so that you can achieve it in a definite timeframe. Specific goals perform higher than general goals, as per research-based studies.

Set goals with different terms

If you have more than one goal to achieve, then set goals with different terms – short and long. Short-term goals pave the way to long-term goals. Long-term goals stand for future. But, you can connect with short-term goals in the present. With the passage of today into yesterday, you will reach tomorrow. Long-term goals drive your focus to an indefinite time in future, while short-term goals draw your attention to ‘Now’.

Get trained to compete

Take part in the competition and undergo some training to achieve the life goals. Whom to compete with? Compete with yourself, your shortcomings and flaws. How to emerge as the winner? Get trained under the tutelage of an expert (to say, a life strategy coach) to overcome your shortcomings and perfect your skills. Once you have won the competition with your negative self, you will be brimming with motivation. If the motivation level is high, your confidence level will go up and you live your goals in real time.

Make sure, goals are realistic  

Goals may be challenging or not. But they must be realistic. For example, you have never played a football match, but you dream of being a football champion. If football is your passion and playing the game is your interest, the dream of being a champion makes a realistic goal. It is easy to visualize, plan and achieve realistic goals.

Document goals in words  

Write your goal and the plans to achieve it down. A written account or document works as a reminder. The head is the busiest part of the body. It controls physical activities and communicates with other parts of the body. You may be oblivious of the goal, at times. Writing it down is many times better. It is just like marking a particular date on the calendar to remind ourselves of the day.

Set individual and team goals

Besides individual goals, you need to set team goals if the purpose is organization development. Business or organization development demands teamwork in alignment with individual efforts. Being part of a team or an organization, you are required to work towards reaching individual goals as well as team goals.

Strategize for goal achievement

No goals can be accomplished without practical strategies at work. Being at the helm of administration and management, you are responsible to achieve organization development goals. You need to define work strategies for individuals on the team, set performance goals for them and delegate the work to them timely.