You may take goal setting as an easy task that can be done any day and any time. It is nothing but a myth, far from reality. There are many such myths or wrong conceptions. We often go with myths and ignore realities. Here, the wide difference between myths and realities with regard to goal setting and achievement is distinctly drawn to help you out.
Setting goals are not so important to achieve success –
Success is not a magic. It neither comes overnight nor by accident. A life of purpose has its own tempo which does not cease. A purposeful life has goals to achieve, and so does it have reasons to celebrate success. In brief, goal setting is a key to success.
Setting goals is a time-consuming task –
Setting a goal or goal is not a time-consuming job. Undoubtedly, it takes time to achieve the set goal. To say precisely, career planning is like goal setting. But to build your career in a specific niche takes lots of time and preparation just as it takes to reach the dream goal.
The time is not right now for goal setting –
Why then? Why not now? There is nothing wrong with goal setting to better your life and career now. If you set a goal today, you will achieve it tomorrow. Keep in mind, there is no tomorrow without today. Delaying in setting a goal helps in no way.
What needs to write down goals? Just keep them in mind –
Writing goals is like learning, cramming and living them in real time. Something is better than nothing. Hope, you do remember this proverb. The mind hardly gets a scope to free itself from junk thoughts. Why clutter it more with goals and plans? Apart from this, written goals are easy to meditate on.
Long-term goal setting is no use of time –
The pillar of future stands on the foundation of the present. Future is dream whereas present is a reality. The dream is far from reality. Then, why do we dream? Long-term goal setting gives insight into the future course of life.
Goal setting and planning is enough to achieve success –
Since the wheel of time is active, the cycle of life is active. Evidently, nothing can be achieved in a passive way. Whether your goal is career building, financial investment or marriage, you need to chalk out a plan and work accordingly. Just setting a goal is not enough. It requires actions now and then.
I don’t need anyone’s help to achieve my goals –
Nobody lives alone nor stands alone, as we live in society. Like other decisions, goal setting is a decision too. Taking an informed decision is not easy. It is influenced by several different factors, associated with our daily life and the surrounding. You need guidance, advice and a plan to reach your goal. A life strategy coach can better guide you.