Hello. I am feeling great and thankful as you clicked to know more about me. I am not a teacher /guru or something like that. I have not yet created, but on way to create a platform where we can help each other shifting our lives from a race to a beautiful journey. And this site is just a first step towards the same. I started my life with some pre-notions about what I will do or achieve. But, over a period of time, it completely changed and I was absolutely different from what I wanted to be. I worked hard to achieve my professional goals, to earn money and much more and achieved some as well but still, I always used to feel something is missing. With my pre-notions about what I should be achieving, fixed definitions about relationships, fixed expectations from people around me, not saving enough money, spending unnecessarily, living on junk food, smoking, addiction to alcohol, great lifestyle but below standard quality of life and much more like that made me dissatisfied with everything around. I realized I am not doing what I should be doing. I was probably enjoying but was not happy. I somehow felt that I am in a race. A race to complete life rather than enjoying every step of this beautiful journey. And slowly, I am in process of shifting my life from a fast ending race to a long lasting journey.
In this space, I am adding up my experiences, thoughts and learnings and I want this platform to be a place where everyone who wants to create their life to an enjoyable and memorable journey, come together and help each other to achieve and enjoy. Some of the areas covered here, which can help you in converting your life to a beautiful journey are:

  • Changing your habits in all areas of your life
  • Being Minimalist
  • Living with gratitude
  • Forgiving
  • Practicing Silence
  • Blessing
  • Living your true purpose i.e not betraying yourself.
  • and much more

You might not get some rosy pictures or some quick fix here. But you will get enough resources to transform your life. Believe me, there are two main things that decide how you have lived, how you are living and how you will live. And those two are – Your Thoughts and Your Habits. If you can transform those two over a period of time, your life is bound to transform. And we all have the capacity to live boundlessly.  Let’s Start the Journey Together.

The Balanced Journey Assessment

The Balanced Journey Assessment is a small assessment which will uncover how much you are balanced as per the model of Journey From Race and the areas of life. This will give you a small insight into your life and this will help you to understand how you can slowly improve yourself and create your life a beautiful journey rather than just a race. Once you complete the assessment, you will be mailed a report with suggestions and tentative action plans in the next 96 hours. This is absolutely free of cost.