★  20 Things to Know Before Goal Setting  ★

What’s Special about this book on Goal Setting?

Goal setting is not the first step towards achieving goals but realizing the actual goal is the most important. It happens with many that they have set a goal but later they realize that this is not what they actually want. So, if you don’t realize what is your actual goals how will you be able to set your goals. Also, many times it happens that we have set our goals but we couldn’t achieve it as we are not aware of the process of achieving it. Hence, setting goals is not only the important process but there are other factors and processes which is required for goal achievement. This book will help you to be an achiever from I wish I would have achieved. After reading this book you will be able to:

  • Set actual goals, by differentiating dreams and goals
  • Set the right steps and process to achieve goals
  • Track your goals and process towards achieving them
  • Always be motivated towards the goal no matter what obstacles comes towards achieving the goal.
  • Get a clear picture of your goal which will help for daily visualization.
  • Attract your goal in the right process
  • Achieving your goals

What will you get after you read this book on Goal Setting?

Have you ever thought that every year each and every one of us set a particular goal but there are very few of them who actually achieves it? So, what can be the reason behind? Are their goals much easier to achieve or are they lucky enough? In both the cases its wrong. Then what can it be that they have achieved and you have not? Well, there can be many reasons behind it; maybe the goal you have set are not actually what you want, or maybe you didn’t know the right process.

So, if you want to do goal setting, reading this book before that might help you set your goals with more clarity, scientifically and with more confidence.This book will not only help you with the process of setting your actual goals but also with the required information and process for goal setting and goal achievement. This book will take you through:

  • Difference between goals and dreamsamazon Book on Goal Setting
  • How important goals are for life
  • How to realize real goals
  • Steps and process for achieving goals
  • Why staying positive is required for goal achievement
  • Need of visualization for goal achievement
  • Types of visualization
  • Steps to do visualization
  • Things to know before doing visualization
  • What is law of attraction and how applying it is required for goal achievement.

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