Be specific about what you wish to achieve.

What do you want to achieve in life? It is a most vital question that you should ask yourself before applying the Law of Attraction.Consult your mind and the head individually, instead of getting caught in between them. Observe carefully which side of the balance weighs heavier – mind or brain. Be specific about what your intuition (mind) or logic (brain) urges you to achieve. Do consider if what you wish to achieve can help you turn over a new leaf, make life more meaningful for you, or set you as an example of leadership. First identify the goal, abstract or concrete, to achieve and then, apply the Law of Attraction in direction to the goal.

Do practice meditations to get into subconscious.

The Law of Attraction is as powerful as the Universe itself.Tell the Universe what you wish to achieve. It helps to think big and high of the thing to achieve. It is just as poets consult their muses and seek blessing from them. You can also do the same by writing on paper your wish and the thing you want to achieve. Then, concentrate all your thoughts on what you have written on paper. This kind of meditative practice helps the mind connect with the Universe and realize your Law of Attraction in the subconscious state. Once you are blessed with the Law of Attraction by the Universe, you will achieve excellence.

Visualize in the world inside for achieving in the world outside.

Random thoughts are like weeds. Weeds need to be uprooted as they prevent the sowing of seeds in the field.Likewise, you need to get rid of those random thoughts that hold you back from your focus on the goal to achieve.  The meditative power of the mind that is a level higher than emotional intelligence, and Law of Attraction, helps you do the same. You can feel the power of the Laws of Attraction in the solitude of silence during the mediation period. It also helps you connect with the inner self that is a world in itself. It is said that the world inside is connected with the world outside. If you visualize the thing to achieve in the world in your mind, you will surely achieve it in the outer world by applying the Laws of Excellence.

Harmonize senses, thoughts, emotions & feelings.

Make sure to focus all your senses, thoughts, emotions and feelings at one point while visualizing the desired goal or thing that you wish to achieve. For example, if you aim to be a leader, visualize yourself as a leader having leadership qualities. The way you visualize must not be disturbed or obstructed by any irrelevant thought or imagination. Albert Einstein who was aware of the Law of Attraction said that visualization coupled with imagination is at the root of any big achievement. 

The harmony of senses, thoughts, emotions, and feelings during visualization sends the vibration of emotional power and mental strength throughout your being that is necessary to apply the Laws of Attraction.