Like me or Hate me,

both are in my favor,

If you like me I am in your Heart,

If you hate me I am in your mind

The inner meaning of these lines from one of the inspirational quotes which help us accept the true value of relationships in life has got immense value. Our mind is the most powerful thing that we have. Our life is the result of our mind only. Whatever we do, the way we live, the way we look at things and the way our habits are – each and everything are created by our mind only. The moment we hate someone, we actually affect our own mind and hatred never gives any kind of god feeling. Hence, when we hate someone, we actually clutter our mind with some uncomfortable and sticky kind of feelings – feelings which we don’t feel good about. Hence, if you hate someone, you actually keep that person in mind and affect your mind. And if you love someone, you actually keep the person in your heart.

According to this quote, everyone has some positives and some negatives. You cannot be faultless and can’t expect others to be faultless as well. Accepting people the way they are will always help you love more and hate less. And the moment you do that, your mind does what it should do – like driving you properly, suggesting you correctly, providing clarity, make better decisions and so on. And, your heart will start doing what it should do – accepting people with love, maintaining harmony, taking care of everyone around, giving others love and happiness, accepting love from others and so on.

This inspirational quote says in this journey of life, we come across various people and everyone has a purpose in our life – either they create memories or they give us immense learning. So, if you feel someone has done something wrong with you, simply dig into it and see what you learned from that. And whatever you learned, simply accept that as a contribution towards your growth. And there’s no point not loving someone who is contributing to your life – by whatever amount it be. So, this will help you loving everyone and get the same in return and keep everyone in Heart rather than in Mind.