Not Knowing Everything:

It’s a very common thing that happens to us. We may know lots of things but when we mentally accept that we know everything about something, we actually close our doors to learn new details, concepts or patterns about that particular thing. Not only that particular thing, we may skip exploring other things as well out of this. Our mobile phones, device on which you are currently reading this, our increased lifestyle, the fast paced world – and whatever you can imagine – all are results of exploring new things only. Even if you know something, exploring once again can give you new dimensions. For example, when you read any book for the first time and again repeat that you will feel you are becoming more clearer to it. Hence when you say “I don’t know” to anything and everything, you actually create an openness to learn and explore further. It’s not about saying ” I know nothing” but it’s about saying” I don’t know everything”. You may know lots of things but there are some places still left to be known. Accepting not knowing everything is a vital part of letting go your ego.

Not Knowing How:

Sometimes we become so rigid to “ the how” part of our life that we stop exploring other ways to do the same. We define the process, then the results and timeframe and stick to it. That’s good but when things are not happening the way we want or we are not getting what we worked for or things are taking time, and we become rigid with the situation, what we will get for sure is Frustration. Not knowing how it will happen will make you explore more ways to get a work done, ideate different ways to achieve

something and accept what’s not working out and learn from it and go ahead and create another way to achieve what you want. So, you may know how something will happen, but saying to yourself “ I don’t know other ways of doing this and need to explore more.” rather than saying “ I know this is the only way to do this” – it will always make you flexible and accept what’s not working and stitch it up to create/ recreate ways to achievement. And that’s what differentiates someone celebrating achievement from someone who is frustrated out of nonachievement. Accepting not knowing how is a great victory of letting go your ego.

Not Knowing Who:

You cannot know anyone. Not even yourself. And we all pretend to know ourselves. Not only ourselves but others as well. Not only knowing, in some cases, we try to control others as well and even if we control someone to some extent, it’s just for some moment. If I ask you to take some time and find out who you are, you will find we all relate who we are with – what we have, what we want, what we think, what we wear and others. But the truth is we are much beyond all these. When I use the word “beyond all these” it means, what you wear, what you have, what you think and all those stuff – they have changed over time and will change.

So, you are much beyond what you think you are currently and we all are changing as we all are in a journey irrespective of whether you are aware of it or not. Accepting you don’t know much about who you are will help you control one of the biggest challenges people normally experience controlling – and that’s your ego. It helps you love people, live with humility, accept everyone the way they are and create satisfaction and happiness within – which we all strive for.