Knowing Stress Helps Goal Achievement

Knowing reasons and solutions of stress help with goal setting & achievement

Stress, Stress, Stress! The push-button generation of today screams when work challenges are not met, projects are not delivered in the deadline, the performance level is stagnant and when there is lack of time management and professionalism.

When personal or professional goals are not set and achieved, it generates stress and makes us feel down.

Why let stress bog you down? Experts say that stress management tips help with timely goal setting and achievement. According to them, stress will stay out of you, if you are through the smooth goal setting process. Here are some possible reasons and solutions of stress in connection with goal setting and achievement.

The reason of stress: Most of us have some goals in mind. Financial investment, career planning, family planning, expensive purchases, and likes are various goals that we are looking to achieve in the coming days or months. But the picture is misty due to an improper definition of the goals and thereby causing stress to us.

Solution: Be clear about the goals and define them properly. There is a purpose behind every goal. Do understand the purpose first, keep it on the front and then set the goal that you are restless to achieve. It is not possible to explain a goal in details, without a clear definition. A goal without a vivid picture is like a car without a driver.

The reason for stress: Stress results when your goals are not in tune with reality. Unrealistic goals are difficult, often impossible to achieve, though some exceptions are there. There are some film directors who were into some other professions before achieving their preferred career goals in the entertainment business. Such people are driven by their instincts, passions and inborn qualities to achieve their goals, no matter how different their academic background or professional area is.

Solution: Evaluate the probabilities and improbabilities of a goal that you are looking to set and achieve. You have studied software engineering, but dream of a career in fashion design. Isn’t it an unrealistic goal, if you don’t have the traits of a fashion designer in you? Just having interesting in fashion design or obsession with the glam of this world does not work. If you some traits, you can achieve the goal by developing and perfecting them.

The reason of stress: The lack of time management for personal work, professional work or goal achievement is another valid reason why we feel stressed. How do you feel when you are left with a number of articles to edit in a very short time? How do you feel when a pile of file work is awaiting you at the day end? Stressed! The same happens when you are lagging behind time to achieve your goals.

Solution: To say in brief, time management or managing your time is the only solution to evade stress. Hope, you do remember that a goal is a series of objectives. I mentioned it in the post titled “Differences between goals and objectives”. Set a timeframe for the goal; divide the timeframe into sections for objectives; fulfill each objective in time to near the goal on time. Thus on-time goal achievement helps with stress management.