Do goals have anything to do with objectives?” Or, “are the same or different”? Maybe you are pondering over these two questions out of confusion. To help you get out of the riddle, I would say that goals and objectives are two sides of a coin but with the difference between them. 

You need to have both if you are on a mission since they are interdependent. Your goal is the destination that you want to reach. Objectives are the steps in the right direction that take you closer to the goal.

How are they different? An example would suffice to illustrate the difference. You aim to be a successful writer. Is it possible to wear the crown of success and fame overnight? No. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. Writing a poem or a short story or a novel is the first objective. The second objective is to get it published. Planning what to write next is the third objective. And, reaching out to the mass is the fourth on.

Thus, a series of objectives and a calculated approach to fulfill them pave the way to reach the goal. Hope, you got the point.

Objectives are short-term achievements while goals are long-term attainments. Objectives may be small efforts, but the collective strength of efforts put one by one, results in the achievement of goals. A day-long work or a single step may be an objective but it can’t be a goal.

It is not necessary to visualize objectives since they are very concrete. Goals are somewhat abstract; so visualizing goals or the goal is fundamental. The word ‘object’ in ‘objective’ refers to something visible and accessible. The goal is absolutely different in this respect. Try goal visualization tips to feel and live the abstract.

The goal is broader a concept than objective. It is more difficult to define a goal than an objective. It is because when you will achieve your goal or if you will be able to achieve it depends on your objectives. If the objective is present, the goal is future. Evidently, it is not easy to predict the goal. However, you can develop a vision of the goal by dating it on the subconscious space of your inner self.

Whatever the difference be, proper objectives are the principal conditions to reach a goal. If you are on the way to your dream goal, objectives will help you measure the distance.