What differentiates achievers from non-achievers? It has been a subject of research for years. No denying that successful achievers are positive thinkers with faith in the power of affirmations. They hold some affirmations close to their heads and hearts from days before goal setting till the day goals are achieved. I am sharing with you some common positive thoughts or affirmative sayings. Why not try them to stay motivated, feel confident and look determined?

“I want it at any cost” – Didn’t we keep pressing our parents to buy us toys or balloons when we visited fairs in childhood? Hope, you do remember. I am sure; some of us were stubborn at that stage. You need to be as stubborn as you were if your goal of life is the most desired thing to achieve.  Being stubborn helps you stay motivated during the course of your journey to the goal.

“Why isn’t it possible?” – Have you ever argued with your teachers or friends over why something is not possible? Hope, you do have the same spirit as you had in those days. Be argumentative; be questioning; be aggressive. Ask yourself why it is not possible to achieve the goal that you dream of and have targeted. Keep saying to yourself, “Yes, it is 100% possible.”

“I deserve to get it” – How many times would you repeat “I deserve to get better marks” when the result was not satisfactory in school?  Still, you deserve to get what you desire earnestly if you are determined and on the right track. These words are expressive of positivity, self-determination, and confidence. You really deserve to get the best fruit of your best efforts.

“You have to do it” – Do you remember, your parents sitting in the auditorium shouted to you “You have to do it” when you were about to perform on stage? Now the time has come to encourage yourself with repetition of this affirmation. It helps leverage the inner potentiality and explore the inherent qualities of the task of achieving goals.

“Every cloud has silver lining”- Highs and lows, ups and downs, failure and success are inseparable parts of every journey – career, professional, family or social. Do have faith in “there is no problem without a solution.” If you stumble over a stone on the way, won’t you rise and stand on your toes again? Keep trying and look forward, because every cloud has a silver lining.

“Learn from everyone and everything” – You will come across different persons from different backgrounds, during your journey to the goal. There is something to learn from everyone, either positive or negative. Both positive and negative lessons will help you in some of the other ways. Some persons will guide you while some others will alert you. Such a rich experience is a good resource for any sort of achievement.