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Welcome to Shouvik Lahiri – “Let’s Achieve Boundless and Celebrate Life…”

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Why Shouvik  :

  • His ability of reading minds and motivating people is quite vivid by his long streak of his Research, Study, Specializations and Certifications 
  • He is the coach who’s academic and professional career profiles stand unique with a treasure of expertise and experience.
  • He has nurtured and driven people to convert dreams into reality which they could not even think of trying. 
  • As a trainer with 14+ years of practicing managerial professionals, he has trained over hundreds of people in overcoming the stumbling blocks which comes on their way to success in achieving their goals.
  • His public workshops Boundless Achievementshas helped many individuals to overcome all the stumbling blockages and achieving success in life.
  • His Workshop especially for Teachers – Teachologyhas helped many teachers to building leadership skills and to become an idyllic person among their students.

How to have the positive thoughts?

How to have the positive thoughts? Positive thoughts are very important for a positive lifestyle. It has many benefits which will show up in your daily routine and performance. Be it work, with family, or friends etc. a positive thinker will always inspire others...

Exploring The Various Aspects Of The Term “Positive Thinking”

In the past few years, the term “positive thinking” has been used on and off by people in everyday conversation. In fact, the popularity of the term has grown to religious proportions with a large percentage of the population seeking ways and means to develop a...

What People Said About Boundless Achievements

Boundless      Achievements  Boundless Achievements was launched on  10th July 2014 in a seminar of Women Empowerment at Bengal Chamber of Commerce, Kolkata with 137 women working in public sector. Here are some of the feedback we thought of sharing: Dr. Nandini Roy...

Amazing facts related to Business Success

Sometime or the other, a thought of owning a business comes to everyone’s mind. Being your own boss, enjoying the work, doing what you are passionate about is what we all dream and to make this possible one requires a vision, guidance, hard work and knowledge of the...

Eat The Challenges to way to your Goals

Eat The Challenges to way to your Goals Every person may not be fully aware that all successful people have experienced problems that, at more than one time, de-motivated them enough to decide to quit. Hindrances are inevitable in every successful person’s life,...

3 most important things I learnt in 2013

Hi all, Hope you are in a superb mood today. As most of us are now busy in reviewing last year, set this year’s goals and so on….  I just wanted to share few of the greatest things I learnt this year. “2013 was in fact a great teacher”. It made me strong...

How to tips | stay confident to achieve excellence

Knowing how to stay confident is the answer to how to achieve excellence. Low confidence level is one of the major stumbling blocks on the path to excellence. If faith can move mountains, confidence can break rocks. Staying confident despite odds in daily life is a...

The Only Person who can make you achieve everything is you ... As a coach, I can only support you do that!!!

Whenever stuck, ask me anytime anything and I will reply to your email within next 24 hours. And if i feel, its necessary, you will get a session of coaching with me absolutely free!!! A small contribution from my end to your success!!!

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Shouvik is simply superb!!!  He has clearly defined about the objectives of the training. He is very much experienced & knowledgeable in his field. He has motivated us a lot. Thank you sir

Mausumi Roy

This was my first time I have done this kind of workshop and it was an excellent feeling. I am more optimistic now towards my goal. I thank Mr. Shouvik Lahiri who has done or rather I would say he is doing great job and has made me a bit more confident.

Rashmi Jain

His programme helped me in giving shape to my actual dream. I now feel that my dream need not to be rarely a dream and can can transform it into reality. I plan to work towards achieving my goal with more positivity.

Urna Mukherjee

Dynamic, Know his job. Paul Welch/ Dale Carnegie of Bengal to exaggerate a fit .

Dr. Amitava Ghosh